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유료회원 (영문) 온라인 라이센스 계약서(OnLine License Agreement) - 섬네일 1page
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(영문) 온라인 라이센스 계약서(OnLine License Agreement)

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Applicable Laws, Disclaimer of Warranty, Termination and Cancellation 등의 내용으로 구성된 임신을 하기 위한 여성들의 모임을 위한 온라인 라이센스 계약서 입니다.
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fertility friend online license agreement
please read the following license agreement carefully before using fertility friend online.
this agreement is your entire agreement with web services inc.and governs your use of the fertility friend on-line service.by usin
g the fertility friend on-line service, you indicate your acceptance of the following license agreement.if you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, promptly stop using fertility friend on-line.ou must be at least 18 years of age and above the age of legal majority in your country to use fertility friend online.
any answer, information given by this service does not constitute medical practice or advice and will incur no legal or moral liab
ilities for anyone associated with this service.always consult your personal physician for definitive answers to your medical questions.in particular, we explicitely prohibit the usage of fertility friend on-line as a contraception tool or for pregnancy avoidance.fertility friend has been designed only to provide tools for people interested in getting pregnant.fertility friend cannot be used for scheduling or planning medical procedures or medication, supplements usage, always consult your healthcare provider to take such decisions.
the information contained in the fertility friend web site is provided for informational and educational purposes only.this materi
al is not intended as a substitute for consulting a physician or other health care professionals.individual circumstances may vary and some information may not be applicable and/or may have become outdated as result of recent developments.dawn software accepts no responsibility for reliance on the information set out in this web site.reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of data and calculations.we accept no responsibility for reliance on these data or calculations.our account is personal and cannot be shared.you must keep your account password secret.information stored in your account are co
nfidential.you may not sub-license, or charge others to use or access, our service without first obtaining written permission from us.
web services inc.accept no responsibility for the information or advice posted in the fertility friend circles or on fertility fr
iend home pages or any other user generated document.medical or self-medication information or advice are prohibited.all reported abuse will lead to the termination of the account at our sole discretion.
applicable laws
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