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유료회원 (영문) 취업편지(Letter of Offer) - 섬네일 1page
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(영문) 취업편지(Letter of Offer)

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letter of offer
[full address]
re: employment with the university of saskatchewan
dear [first name]:
i am very pleased to offer you a [status of position] position as [title of position] with the [college/unit], university of saska
tchewan, based on the following terms and conditions:
1.position: ou are appointed to the position of [title of position], [college/unit], university of saskatchewan, and in this capacity, you wi
ll report directly to myself [or name and title of direct supervisor].this is a [status of position] position, and as discussed and agreed with you, your start date in the position will be [start date].
in your position, you will be responsible for [briefly describe the key responsibilities/accountabilities of the position].
2.remuneration:our base salary will be [annual rate] per annum (less statutorily required deductions).your salary is payable once a month at mon
th end, in accordance with the universitys standard payroll practices.this position is exempt from any bargaining unit.our position is in phase [#] of the [family] job family.the salary range for this phase is [$minimum] to [$maximum].our hours of work are based on the normal operating hours of the university and are flexible based on work plans established by t
he department.from time to time, you may be asked to work additional hours in order to meet the operational needs of the department.[please include one of: this position is exempt from overtime pay.or overtime provisions, as per the exempt staff handbook, article 4.3, will apply.]
3.benefits and pension:ou will be eligible to participate in university of saskatchewan group benefit plans for exempt staff.you are also eligible to pa
rticipate in the university of saskatchewans money purchase pension plan in accordance with the plan requirements.the plan provides for a matching contribution of 6.82% of your base salary.
please refer to the human resources division website for benefit and pension information specific to your appointment.
4.vacation: ou will receive [# of weeks] weeks vacation per calendar year (prorated for the current year).vacations are to be taken at such t
ime or times as are mutually convenient to you and the [college/unit], and consistent with our vacation policy.we encourage all employees to use their vacation on a yearly basis.
5.professional allowance:
in addition, you are eligible to receive an annual [senior administrators professional expense account or accountable professional
expense account], in the amount of [$ amount] per year (prorated for the current year) to support your on-going career development needs.for information regarding your professional allowance, please see the exempt handbook, item #5, available on the human resources division website.
6.assessment period:
consistent with our standard policy for exempt staff members, you are required to complete a twelve (12) month probationary period
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