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(영문) 임대에 대한 부분적 조건 계약서

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영문제목 : Partial Conditions on Lease
내용 : This is an example of an arrangement to rent a property in terms of payment, duration and maintenance of the rented area.
임대된 지역의 관리, 기간, 상환에 관하여 부동산을 임대할 계약서. 임대에 대한 부분적 조건 계약서 영어원문 자료입니다.
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partial conditions on lease
this arrangement applies to the possession situated at.approves to rent this possession for at a rate.a down payment of will be he
ld by the landlord and will be refunded upon satisfactory return of the property within days.
payment full payment will be issued by late payment will incur a fee of.this payment must be made by , and other payment methods c
annot be accepted.failure to pay will result in refusal to turn over the property.
duration the property will be rented for a total of beginning on and ending on.extensions to the arrangement may be available but
must be arranged in advance with the landlord.there is absolutely no guarantee that the unit will be available after the ending date, and it will be necessary for the landlord to forcible remove the tenant once the lease has ended if an extension is not granted.
treatment of property certain rules apply during use of the property.the unit is furnished and includes appliances.these items mus
t be treated respectfully.additionally, the following rules must be strictly obeyed:

failure to maintain the property will result in forfeiture of the apartment.likewise, infractions to these rules may result in the
renter being asked to leave.
additional responsibilities in addition to the above responsibilities, the renter shall also be required to.it is of particular im

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